RPS is all about providing rock solid solutions to complex live production integration challenges.

With more than 35 years supporting the event audio industries, RPS has become a family of some of the brightest and most capable minds with a proven track record of extreme integration solutions. Our specialty centers on the ability to bring together the most advanced production from the ever evolving list of manufacturers with even the most esoteric of production scenarios providing a package that is always rock solid with complete input to audience coverage.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with complete systems that deploys daily in a clean, efficient and stress free manner. But even more than that, the integration of any list of desired elements must never sacrifice ease while maintaining all levels of ability across the vast spectrum or element capability.

Award winning events have been achieved with the presence of our technical experience, design insight and pre-planning. We are always perfectly happy to be the silent partner behind the scenes of your event, and we will always strive to do more for you with any new technology in development for your next event. RPS will do the work for you to ensure that your dreamed collection of elements will all come together seamlessly in an ergonomic and intuitive systems that is always a pleasure to work with.