RPS is getting you out of the dark cold warehouse that seems to be the industry norm and moving into our new long awaited technical production studio.

Engineers in our industry spend far too much time working in concrete and steel rooms with stays in plain boring hotel rooms. System prep is a key part of the launch of any new tour or event and days if not weeks can be spent building, programming and tuning these systems to perfection before they get loaded onto trucks for delivery. We at RPS had the novel idea of creating a space to suite these activities in an environment that we all would want to be in. Thus the launch of the new Technical Production Studio or RPS-TPS.

With resort-like amenities and visiting crew quarters onsite, the new RPS-TPS is designed to welcome all traveling engineers and technical staff to a place that can facilitate all needs while feeling like home. We have shore-power and amenities for two or more tour buses and trucking onsite as well as all expected services that might be available at most venues making this the ideal place to launch your next run. Or just fly in to get familiar with your system and dial it in before the first date.

With amenities like a swimming pool, large hotub, gym and so many outdoors activities located on the property, one might think that they are on vacation while getting work done. We believe that creating this type of environment will generate more satisfaction during the breaks in the work day and erase unneeded stress and help to create a more dynamic atmosphere for the long production work schedule. This allows for better attention to detail and delivery to the first event with a more refreshed attitude upon deliver.

RPS-TPS is a 24/7 facility with easy access to PWM Airport and all necessary shops, restaurants and area attractions making an extended stay a pleasure. And with just a short drive to the main RPS North East Warehouse, all of our production is easily accessible. And the most amazing part of this facility is that it’s virtually free when you choose RPS to fulfill all your production needs. So next time you begin your planning for a new tour, production or install, consider the effort you put into the start and make it that much easier on yourself.

Choose RPS-TPS…